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My name is Nichaphat McInnes. I am a stay at home mom who loves to cook and LOVES desserts. It all started in October of 2011. I was nine months pregnant and craving a Black Forest cake for my birthday. At that point in my life I was not interested in cooking. I am originally from Thailand and when you are there you don’t cook, you walk the streets buying small plates from the food vendors. When I met my husband in 2010 I was excited to learn that he knew how to grill. He would grill dinner for us a few times a week. So there I was, I knew exactly what cake I wanted and who was going to cook it for me. I have to give him credit, he knew he wasn’t a baker but he accepted the challenge anyway. We went to the store and he picked out a cake mix in a box and some heavy whipping cream. (I really wanted a light and fluffy whipped cream topping.) I was so excited!

When he pulled the cake from the oven it was a little burnt on the top. He started making the whipped topping and my excitement turned to despair. As he was globbing the sloppy, runny, not so “whipped cream” topping onto the cake we started laughing uncontrollably. Once we had composed ourselves he put cherries on top of the topping and they sunk through “whipped cream” to the cake! After another bout of hysterical laughter I decided that this was never going to happen again. I was going to learn how to bake! In 2012 I was going to have a proper birthday cake!

The next morning I was online searching for all things baking. I would find a recipe that looked good and had good reviews and I would make it. I would share the treats with all my friends and ask them for their feedback. It wasn’t always good. And sometimes I would be too embarrassed to share what I made. But I wouldn’t let that stop me. In 2013 I started sending cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, and even candy I made to work with my husband to share with his colleagues.

Confident in the flavor of my desserts, I wanted more. I wanted them to be beautiful like the cakes I saw on the internet. I started researching cake decorating and was excited to find all kinds of videos and tutorials on all facets of cake decorating. I am continuing to practice my decorations and you can see them on my blog.

I get my recipes from cookbooks, magazines, and websites. A friend suggested starting a blog to keep track of my favorite recipes and to be able to share them with you! I hope you like them!



2 thoughts on “About Me

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