Bridal Shower Cake


I am so lucky to have a great friend that would trust me to make a Bridal Shower cake for her. I have been wanting to make a three tier cake for so long and this was the perfect opportunity.


They wanted to have a chocolate cake with a rosette design so I searched all over Pinterest until I found that perfect one. I love the design and I love the color. I brought it to my friend’s house and she was really excited. I can’t wait to hear how the party goes!

To create this cake:

The bottom tier 3 x 10-inch pans (4 1/2 inch tall)

The middle tier 3 x 8-inch pans (5.1 inch tall)

The top tier 2 x 6-inch pans (4 inch tall)

4 x basic buttercream recipe

Pink past color 

Original source : Pinterest