For Mother’s Day this year I made this cake for my mother in law. I wanted to thank her for all the love and kindness she has shown me. She is a wonderful person and wonderful mother. I am so happy and so blessed to know, and be a part of, her family. I really appreciate everything she has done for me. I cannot thank her enough!


So this cake is dedicated to Jane, my mother in law, and I want her to know that I have enjoyed all the time we have spent together. I love you Mom!


To creat this cake

20 x 13.5 cm (8 x 5in) square cake (bottom tier), 15 x 7.5 cm (6 x 4in) square (top tier)
Dowel rods
1.4kg- 1.8kg (3lb 1 1/2oz-4lb buttercream)
Paste colors :
Piping bags
Star nozzle (Wilton 16)
Palette knife
Edible pearls (sugar balls)
Cake stand or covered cake board

Color 600-800g (1lb 5oz-1lb 12oz) of buttercream , cover and smooth the cake and place on a stand or covered board.

Color 400-500g (14oz-1lb 2oz) of buttercream , leave the rest uncolored, and fill a piping bag to create a two-tone effect. Pipe the c- and e-scrolls as below described. Pipe random scrolls in peach and stick on edible pearls using tweezers.

Finally, pipe the bottom border using the crochet technique

To pipe E – and C – Scrolls

Using a ruler, mark 6.5-7.5cm (2 1/2-3in) wide diagonal bands on all sides of the cake.

Using a star nozzle (Wilton 16), pipe a reverse c-scroll by holding the piping bag straight on to the cake with the curve tip touching the surface. Squeeze with even pressure, and move a little to the left before circling up and around to the right, down and then and up, creating a backwards letter’ c’.

Pipe another c-scroll from the same starting point as the first, but this time do the opposite. The piping bag goes around to the left then up until it creates a’c’.

Repeat the process until you finish piping inside all the diagonal bands.

Next, pipe continuous e-scrolls on top of the guide lines. Hold the piping bag straight on to the cake and with even pressure, squeeze the piping bag to the right and around creating a small ‘e’ shaped loop.

Original source from The Contemporary Buttercream Bible by Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong


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