frozen buttercream1

The lady who asked me for the Christmas sheet cake really loved what I did so she asked me to make a large sheet cake for a party that her daughter’s dance troop was having. They sent a logo to me that was going to be on the cake. We had to use the computer to mirror the image and then print it out. I put wax paper over the logo and filled it in with buttercream. Then I put the wax paper in the freezer to freeze it. After it was frozen I was able to flip it and press it on top of the cake. I was not happy with it.

frozen buttercream

You can see in the photo that the buttercream has lines in it. I would prefer it to be smooth. I didn’t have time to fix it because they needed the cake quickly. My husband took the cake to them and he told me that when he delivered it the lines had disappeared and the logo looked perfect. I am going to try this method again and hopefully will have more time to figure out the best way to make it look great.

Original source from : THE CONTEMPORARY BUTTERCREAM BIBLE BY Valeri Valeriano & Christina Ong



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