Soccer Ball Themed Birthday Cake


I have a friend who works for Carnival Cruise Lines and she wanted to have a soccer themed cake for her boss on his birthday. So she sent me a picture of the cake design she wanted. I thought it looked difficult but I love to challenge myself. I baked the cakes the night before. I wrapped with the plastic wrap and chilled them in the refrigerator overnight. I made raspberry buttercream for the filling and basic buttercream for the frosting. I started to decorate them the next morning.

My friend called me after work and told me that her boss was very impressed and loved the cake!

You will need;

2 x 13 by 9-inch pans
9-inch a soccer cake pan
9-inch cake board
13 by 9-inch cake board
a half sheet cake board
white fondant
blue fondant
black and red fondant
Piping tip no. 233
Pastry bag

To create this cake;

1. FOR THE SHIRT CAKE; I printed out the picture of the shirt and printed out logos on the shirt separately. I started to cut out logos, name and number on fondant to have them ready and let them dry for a little bit so they will be easy to handle.

2. Fill the 13 by 9-inch cakes with the filling and sculpt them into a t-shirt. I measure the cake to have a shirt cake and a soccer ball cake fit into the same cake board.

3. Roll out blue fondant and cover a cake, smooth it and put on logo name and number.

4. Cut out fondant for white stripe for sleeve and collar.

5. FOR THE SOCCER CAKE; Cut the cake in half horizontally. Fill with the filling and crumb coat.

6. Roll out white fondant and cover the soccer ball cake. Smooth and trim the excess fondant.

7. Using a soccer cake pan cover a cake and press slightly to make soccer design.

8. Cut out black fondant to make a soccer ball design.

9. Pipe grass with green buttercream on a cake board.

Original source from Cakes, bakes & cookies  and Decorate soccer ball cake with fondant