Thai Mother’s Day Cake


I was born in the Northeast of Thailand. My parents divorced when I was 9 years old and my Dad took me and my brother to live with my aunt in the South. Every Mother’s Day at school, they would sing a song and celebrate. Seeing all of my friends have their mothers come to school but not mine made me sad. When I was 22, my grand father passed away. My dad and I went back to the Northeast of Thailand for the funeral. I was very surprised when someone pointed out that my mom was in attendance. I went to her and we hugged. We promised to stay in touch and tried to see each other often. I have been in the U.S. for 4 years and have not been back home to Thailand. I miss both my parents.


Today is Thai Mother’s Day and I’m thinking of my mom. I made this cake for her. I wish she was here with me so she could try a piece of cake and I could tell her that I love her! The writing in the center of the cake is Thai for, “LOVE MOM.”


To make this cake; I made three layers of chocolate cake with 9-inch round pans. I used Italian meringue for the layers and decorated with basic buttercream icing. 

Original source from : CAKE STYLE



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