Thomas the Train Cake


One of my friends asked me to make a cake for her son’s 3rd birthday. She was having a Thomas the Train themed party. After spending time looking at pictures of Thomas the Train cakes online I came up with this design. It was huge success. Everyone loved it!





To create this cake

38 x 7.5cm (15 x 3 in) Square cake (bottom tier), 11 x 7.5cm (4 x 8.5in) round cake (top tier)
Dowel rods
2 sugar ice cream cones
1.4kg – 1.8kg (3lb 1 1/2oz – 4lb) buttercream
Paste colors : kelly green, royal blue, red (no-taste), golden yellow, violet and black
Piping bag
Star nozzle (Wilton 16), petal nozzle (Wilton 102), round (Wilton 6 & 12), leaf (Wilton 352), basketweave (Wilton 48)
Palette knife
Cake board

Original source from Thomas the Train Birthday Cake 


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